29 before 30

Hello, old and new readers. You may have wondered what happened to my old blog. Well, there were some problems with renewing the domain, long story short, here’s a new blog! I will try and re-upload the old posts and hopefully resume my Vietnam trip posts.

In the meanwhile, I moved to Saarbrücken to start a post-doc. My bimonthly henna has become a necessity and my metabolism is tragically slowing down. I am growing older and wiser, it’s time for a change and all that jazz. New Years is coming too. And in 2015 (in 7 months) I will turn 30. That age that I thought was reserved to young teachers, cool ants and uncles, older cousins and older sisters.

So all those changes call for a list of resolutions, and there’s one that has been in my head for a while. So there you go, my “29 before 30 list”, in random order:

29 – buy a deep frier

28 – learn how to make tempura

27 – pay off my credit card debt

26 – start being more consistent about saving money

25 – grow my hair as long as I can before I start craving a pixie cut

24 – buy a piano (e-piano, most likely)

23 – start playing the piano again

22 – publish 2 more journal articles (I am working on them)

21 – get an idea that actually makes sense, and that I can use to apply for my own funding

20 – get some teaching experience

19 – lose as much as I need to stop being overweight

18 – bike to work twice a week, regularly, as soon as the winter is over

17 – get to a C1 level (or a solid B2) of German

16 – learn how to make ravioli

15 – see the Rocky Horror Picture Show live

14 – get my certificate and start calling myself “Frau Doktor”

13 – knit or sew one complete and wearable piece of clothing for myself

12 – get a driving licence

11 – have an efficient inbox-zero strategy

10 – learn to walk with (reasonably high) heels, so going to weddings does not become a hazard for my ankles

9 – revise my basic Arabic

8 – get rid of clutter in the apartment

7 – decide if (probably yes) and when (billion dollar questions) I want to have kids

6 – run an eye-tracking or EEG experiment

5 – eat in a Michelin star restaurant (being in Saarbrücken helps!)

4 – pack my lunch to work (almost) every day

3 – learn how to use a drill

2 – buy a piece of forniture at the flea market that I am actually happy to have in my apartment

1 – sing on open mic night

Some are already planned so it’s realistic to get them done, some may never happen, some I may not happen before I turn 30. But let’s see how many I manage to accomplish. Even though . Maybe it would be more realistic to call it “29 before 31”. Then again, we all know what happens at 31:

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