What I learned while going through my old stuff in my parent’s apartment

I was pretty much doing the same things before the internet

I was addicted to making lists and plans (packing lists, homework lists, lists of addresses to send postcards to, lists of people to invite at my birthdays and things to buy for the party) before having Evernote. I was doing social networking a lot, but it was mostly via letters, in a cute attempt to keep in touch with friends met on holiday. I was doing travel blogging on small A5 notebooks. I didn’t have a feed reader but I was collecting scrapes of newspaper articles I found interesting (and potentially useful in writing school essays).

I spent a lot of time in my teenage years doing Latin and Greek

A serious amount of time. I found notebooks over notebooks decorated with Greek sentences, Latin paradigms, and translations over translations. It made me wonder what else in my life I’ve spent so many hours on. Probably nothing else.

My family is hilarious

The travel logs are pretty good, but one of my favorite is this note where I wrote down my dad’s comments after talking to my teachers: “Now you talk to your English teacher and I talk to the religion teacher. I got to ask her, what I am supposed to do with my daughter, who doesn’t want to study religion” (note: I had his written permit to be exempt from that class).

Best friends stick around

I still have notes, hand-copied text messages and birthday cards from my friends, some of them date all the way back to middle school. Like good wine, my best friendships are ageing really well and getting better with the years.

Crushes are embarrassing

The only thing I really regret is the stupidity of teenage crushes. How much time and energy spent on them. I could have done so many things instead. Maybe learn how to sail. Or actually learn modern Greek. But I guess all that time spent thinking and writing on my diary must have helped at least to work on my prose.. right?

I went to some awesome schools

I found not only Latin and Greek but pages on globalisation, on Israel and Palestine, on 9/11, on the Curds, on immigration, on philosophy, chemistry, poetry, math, politics and mafia murders in Sicily in the 90s, elections, workers unions, street signs. I did learn a lot in my 13 years in Italian schools.

I never had any talent in visual arts

I found my middle school drawings. Terrible, just terrible.

I have a lot of gadgets from the 90s. Not sure what to do with them. 

Any ideas? Maybe we should open a 90s memorabilia museum? I wonder how much they are worth on ebay?

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