Nuovo Cinema Saarbrücken

We started the new year right with two great recent movies (The Revenant and The Hateful Eight) and a terrifying but cult movie (Eraserhead). I find Saarbrücken a rather small and uneventful place, but watching great movies, often in their original version, is definitely possible, although you need to plan ahead to know when the good stuff is showing.

Going to the movies is probably my favorite reason to leave the house, probably for two reasons. The first reason is the blissful alienation that comes with turning off your phone, being in an enclosed space far away from any duty, and having someone tell you a great story. The second reason is that going to the cinema is probably the only ritual that has not significantly changed over the course of my life, be it Aladdin, Brother where art thou, Habla con ella, or Inglorious Basterds. Eating out has changed (from pizza, to cheap street food and the occasional bad pan-asian restaurant, and now it’s all about looking for the best local options). Parties and drinking have changed dramatically too. But going to the cinema is always the same joy, even if the movie turns out to be disappointing.


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